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  • 3 429,75 €

    AMG 12J2 Tonearm  12 inch tonearm, patented dual-pivot design

    3 429,75 €
    In stock
  • 2 479,34 €

    AMG 9W2 Tonearm: 9 inch tonearm, patented dual-pivot design

    2 479,34 €
    In stock
  • 1 074,38 €

    The LYRA Delos MC Phono Cartridge An analog LP played back with an MC cartridge can sound exceptionally good.

    1 074,38 €
    In stock
  • 2 396,69 €

    The Lyra Kleos MC Phono Cartridge uses Lyra's "New Angle" technology.

    2 396,69 €
    In stock
  • 4 917,36 €


    4 917,36 €
    In stock
  • 7 396,69 €

    STATE OF THE ART MOVING COIL CARTRIDGE Introducing the ATLAS, the world's first asymmetric MC phono cartridge. 

    7 396,69 €
    In stock
  • 6 528,93 €

    AMG Giro with 9W2 Tonearm The AMG Giro is the new turntable from AMG Factory that shares many of the qualities of his big brother, the Viella, but at smaller price and size with a 9" tonearm. 

    6 528,93 €
    In stock
  • 15 702,48 €

    The Analog Domain DAC1 is a high performance state of the art digital to analog converter designed for faithful reproduction of digitized music. It will accept all current and future digital formats up to S/PDIF 384kHz/32bits, DSD64 (1x), DSD128 (2x) and DSD256 (4x).

    15 702,48 €
    In stock

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