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From Alma Audio we offer some CDs, DACs and Music Servers that will surplus all the needs we have from digital world and streaming.

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  • 7 314,05 €

    Aesthetix is proud to introduce the Pandora and Romulus. They join our Saturn Series, recognized around the world for outstanding performance, build quality, and user interface. High quality construction techniques include an all-aluminum chassis, stainless steel faraday cage to isolate digital sections, multiple power transformers in a stainless steel...

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    The Analog Domain DAC1 is a high performance state of the art digital to analog converter designed for faithful reproduction of digitized music. It will accept all current and future digital formats up to S/PDIF 384kHz/32bits, DSD64 (1x), DSD128 (2x) and DSD256 (4x).

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  • 8 200,00 €

    When the 1021 debuted it was the conclusion of one of the largest undertakings in Boulder’s history: It is the first complete source component from the company SOLD

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  • 6 198,35 €

    Wavedream Net CD Player Net Player LINEAR-ONLY POWER SUPPLY ISOLATED MUSIC SERVER Roon Server Airplay HQplayer NAA Local Storage: WAV and Flac

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  • 4 380,17 €

    Rockna Wavedream DAC The sound you've waited for, AND BEYOND.Wavedream DAC are completely based on a single piece of programmable silicon: an FPGA. Very flexible system that protects against obsolescence. PERSONALIZED DIGITAL FILTERSDedicated dac modules called RD-0 (Signature - 27 bits) and RD-1 (Edition - 26 bits) The preamplifier function. Completely...

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  • 3 719,01 €

    Rockna Wavelight Pre/DAC SMOOTH AS SILK R2R discrete ladder DSP units are performing high precision Operating as a preamplifier Volume control inside the Wavelight is fully analogue

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items