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New Brands in Alma Audio

New Brands in Alma Audio

Long time ago we started thinking about open our Speakers Broachure but without losing our stands, only quality products that we really like and enjoy and can add value to our customers.  

We are really proud to represent this brands, thanks to the distributor for Spain, Sound Sevilla, we can say that we are pleased to be working brands like Apertura, Penaudio and Magico.

We where able to present in Madrid in La Quinta de Mahler the Onira model of Apertura, and we have been living with it for a while. We must say that for a two vias Speaker the sound amazing, open, great escena, mid part really rich and we are in love with the tweeter, smooth, open, detailed, and the best quality/price ratio we can imagine. Thanks Christian Yvon, we long to try the new model Adamante.  

Penaudio come from the north with a big sound in a relative small speaker and a great price, what else do you need? We must say that the Cenya model with Hegel Amplifiers makes a great match that will not leave anyone indiference. 

Magico, do you need me to introduce this Brand?  It is a reference in the music world. 

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