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  • AMG 12J2 Tonearm  12 inch tonearm, patented dual-pivot design

  • AMG 9W2 Tonearm: 9 inch tonearm, patented dual-pivot design

  • AMG Giro MK II with 9W2  Introducing the next generation of AMG's celebrated Giro turntable, the Giro MK II. All critical components impacting sonic performance have been updated and improved, while maintainig the elegant minimalist design, compact form factor, and precision build quality of its predicessor. INCLUDED:  Skirt Giro cherry oiled    1.750 €...

  • KAB Soft Stylus Brush 2.5 €

  • Qualiton A75 KT120 péntodos. Own transformers.

  • Wavedream Net CD Player Net Player LINEAR-ONLY POWER SUPPLY ISOLATED MUSIC SERVER Roon Server Airplay HQplayer NAA Local Storage: WAV and Flac

  • Rockna Wavedream DAC The sound you've waited for, AND BEYOND.Wavedream DAC are completely based on a single piece of programmable silicon: an FPGA. Very flexible system that protects against obsolescence. PERSONALIZED DIGITAL FILTERSDedicated dac modules called RD-0 (Signature - 27 bits) and RD-1 (Edition - 26 bits) The preamplifier function. Completely...

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