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List of products by manufacturer Aidas Cartridge

The Art of true analog sound


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Our philosophy is to produce superior phono cartridges that provide outstanding reproduction of recorded sound in terms dynamic range, tonal balance, precision, natural sounding and bass clarity.

Exceptional results in accuracy and naturalness have been achieved after years of testing and improving our techniques with utmost attention to sonics. 

Where science and experience meet - great products are created.

We at Aidas laboratory believe that our dedication to the finest details allow us to build the very finest MC cartridges, the ones that will bring you joy every time you put the record on.

Aidas Svazas is the author and the producer of Aidas cartridges based in Lithuania, Kaunas city. Aidas’ experience in repairing and producing cartridges extends back to the late 90’s. Aidas started repairing and improving phono cartridges with more precision and quality than that of original cartridges from other well-known manufacturers. This led to the development of the first Aidas cartridge back in 2010 (AS-1). Special techniques were developed that allowed to improve the suspension, core geometry and coils of existing models. That resulted in better tracking and ultimately better sonic qualities. Sonics have been improved after each new model, and the latest MC cartridge line up dating from 2020 is exceptional in terms of dynamic range, precision, and low distortion.

All Aidas cartridges share the same unique generator and double suspension technology, but differs in body and coil materials.  These differences lead to the incredible four Aidas MC cartridge series:

  • Copper;

  • Silver plated copper;

  • Gold plated copper;

  • Pure Gold.

All with their unique Aidas sound signature – all very easy to fall in love with. 

Enjoy Aidas cartridges – they are all about true art of Analog sound. 

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items