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The Loudspeaker is, maybe, the most critic part in our system. We need that one that fits perfectly between our electronic and our listening room. Those we offer in Alma Audio will not leave you indiferent

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  • Silent Pound

    Silent Pound

    Directional acoustics as a way to decrease the acoustic interaction with the room

    Quality acoustic treatment of your room often can and usually does exceed the cost of quality speakers. Therefore, it makes more sense to enhance sound quality by directing soundwaves toward the listener while trying to radiate as few waves to reflective surfaces as possible thus decreasing interaction between speakers and the room.

    Sound diffusion optimization in an acoustically untreated room was our main goal. To achieve it we employed modern CAD and methods of mathematical modelling. 

    Through careful mathematical analysis, multiple experiments and critical subjective listening sessions we’ve managed to design an acoustic system suitable for various room sizes while maintaining tonal balance, high resolution and spectacular soundstage detail.

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  • SP Challenger Speaker drivers 2 x 300 mm (12”) woofers designed exclusively for Silent Pound systems 2 x 160 mm (6”) Midwoofer 1” compression driver MTM (midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer) driver array Configuration 3.5 way speakers Prize: 21.780 € 

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